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Lovers of nature go out to escape from the habitual things of everyday life. They seek closer contact with their inner selves and the special things of the world. Like the birdwatchers who set out to search for the Northern Bald Ibis in Morocco. A bird that is particularly hard to find. This species is critically endangered. When one finally has the chance to observe several of these impressive birds through binoculars – thanks to patience, experience, and the right equipment – it is a unique and unforgettable moment in life.

Binoculars from ZEISS have a legendary reputation. A reputation founded over the years on exceptional optical performance, outstanding ergonomics, robust construction, and a world of innovations that have constantly expanded the limits of the technically possible. Generations of nature lovers swear by their ZEISS binoculars. Many of them are still in constant use today. Nevertheless, time never stands still. Today, ZEISS offers the highest-quality equipment for a wide range of different needs – from special binoculars for observation in the twilight hours and at night to compact binoculars for everyday use.


AED 2,823.00
AED 2,270.00
ZEISS Zeiss Conquest HD 10x42
AED 5,100.00
ZEISS Victory HT 1.1-4x24 Riflescope
AED 4,697.00
ZEISS 7X50 Marine Ga T* Binocular
AED 8,803.00
ZEISS Conquest 10X56 T Binocular
AED 6,476.00
ZEISS 8X45 Victory T* Rf Laser Rangefinder
AED 15,856.00
ZEISS 10X56 Conquest Hd Binocular
AED 6,785.00
ZEISS 15X56 Conquest Hd Binocular
AED 11,176.00
ZEISS 10X32 Terra Ed Binocular
AED 2,438.00
ZEISS 8X32 Terra Ed Binocular
AED 2,305.00
ZEISS 8X54 Victory Ht Binocula
AED 11,005.00
ZEISS 10X54 Victory Ht Binocular
AED 11,226.00
ZEISS 8X42 Victory Ht Binocular (Black)
AED 8,673.00
ZEISS 10X42 Victory Ht Binocular (Black)
AED 9,179.00
ZEISS Conquest 10X30 T* Binocular 523210
AED 3,765.00
ZEISS Conquest 8X56 T Binoculars
AED 6,398.00
ZEISS 8X32 Conquest Hd Binocular
AED 4,978.00
ZEISS 8X42 Conquest Hd Binocular
AED 4,112.00
ZEISS 8X56 Conquest Hd Binocular
AED 6,064.00
ZEISS Victory Fl 8X56 T* Binocular 525608
AED 10,302.00
ZEISS Victory Sf 8X42 Binoculars 524221
AED 12,846.00
ZEISS Victory 10X42 Sf Binoculars 524222
AED 13,095.00
ZEISS Victory 524521 8X42 Binocular
AED 8,457.00
ZEISS 10X32 Conquest Hd Binocular
AED 4,317.00

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