VISICO Highlight the image charm, create the perfect image again, achieve studio flash to the new peak!
VISICO is a manufactory specialized in photographic equipment, and a technology innovative company committed to the concept to “beautify customers’ life”. All kinds of studio flash, flash equipment, studio accessory, camera accessory, and so on ...

Visico Boom Light Stand + Cine Stand
AED 1,523.00
Visico Paper Backgound 2.75X10M Grey
AED 278.00
AED 278.00
Visico Paper Backgound 2.75X10M Green
AED 278.00
Visico Paper Backgound 2.75X10M White
AED 250.00
Visico Backgound Support Vs-B808C
AED 315.00
Visico Light Stand Ls-8005
AED 78.00
Visico Light Stand Ls-8008
AED 120.00
Visico Photo Table Pt-0613
AED 376.00

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