Vanguard is a global company that designs and manufactures tripods, bags, sporting optics, and accessories. For over 30 years, our drive to disrupt mediocrity and commitment to innovation has allowed us to create the highest quality products for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts at an affordable price.

Total product ownership - from idea to finished product – for unmatched quality control Growing into a global leader since its founding in 1986, VANGUARD provides more than our competitors because we are the factory. There are no third-party factories, development or design firms, or other outsourcing of any kind in the process. More than 1,000 Vanguard employees create the products and power the brand within our robust global operation. Every step of the process is orchestrated by Vanguard’s in-house R & D, production, administration, marketing, and sales teams in Vanguard-owned and controlled facilities. This enables us to ensure standout product quality and to eliminate “middlemen.” The result is money saving for customers, higher margins for retailers, and greater efficiency in direct communication with the manufacturer for everyone. Vanguard founders credit our success to the people, across the globe, who have given supportive and valuable feedback about product features and price points over our three decades. This focus on listening to the market’s needs and wants has inspired us to create products with first-of-its-kind features, notable reliability, and impressive price points.

Vanguard Veo Go46M Kg Backpack
AED 336.00
Vanguard Veo Go46M Bk Backpack
AED 336.00
Vanguard Veo Go42M Kg Backpack
AED 308.00
Vanguard Veo Go42M Bk Backpack
AED 308.00
Vanguard Veo Go34M Bk Shoulder Bag
AED 243.00
Vanguard Veo Go24M Bk Shoulder Bag
AED 281.00
Vanguard Veo Discover 46 Backpack
AED 402.00
Vanguard Veo Discover 38 Backpack
AED 299.00
Vanguard Veo Discover 22 Backpack
AED 162.00
Vanguard Vk 35Bk-Sling Bag
AED 152.00
Vanguard Vk 22Bk-Shoulder Bag
AED 99.00
Vanguard Vk 15Bk-V Shape Bag
AED 81.00
Vanguard Vesta Start 38-Sling Bag
AED 180.00
Vanguard Vesta Start 21-Shoulder Bag
AED 203.00
Vanguard Alta Access 38X Camera Bag
AED 645.00
Vanguard Alta Access 28X Camera Bag
AED 458.00
Vanguard Alta Rise-48 Backpack
AED 607.00
Vanguard Alta Rise-45 Backpack
AED 514.00
Vanguard Alta Rise 43 Backpack
AED 392.00
Vanguard Alta Rise-38 Backpack
AED 1,001.00
Vanguard Alta Rise-33 Backpack
AED 415.00
Vanguard The Heralder 51T Trolly Bag
AED 1,127.00
Vanguard Xcenior 41T Trolly Bag
AED 946.00
Vanguard Alta Sky-53 Backpack
AED 1,178.00
Vanguard Alta Sky-51D Backpack
AED 1,094.00
Vanguard Alta Sky-49 Backpack
AED 1,019.00
Vanguard Alta Sky-45D Backpack
AED 925.00
Vanguard Alta Fly 49T Backpack
AED 1,056.00
Vanguard Alta Fly-58T Backpack
AED 791.00
Vanguard Alta Fly-55T Backpack
AED 1,127.00
Vanguard Alta Fly 48T Backpack
AED 1,115.00
Vanguard Alta Action-80 Tripod Case
AED 207.00
Vanguard Alta Action-70 Tripod Case
AED 162.00
Vanguard Oslo-25-Shoulder Bag
AED 198.00
Vanguard Oslo-22-Shoulder Bag
AED 144.00
Vanguard Supreme 40F Waterproof Case
AED 604.00
Vanguard Alta Camera Strap
AED 156.00
Vanguard Alta Rcl Rain Cover
AED 126.00
Vanguard Alta Rcl Rain Cover Large
AED 283.00
Vanguard Alta Lpm-Lens Case (M)
AED 188.00
Vanguard Alta Lpl-Lens Case (L)
AED 203.00
Vanguard Bbh-200 Ball Head
AED 694.00
Vanguard Tbh-250 Ball Head
AED 423.00
Vanguard Tbh-100 Ball Head
AED 370.00

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