Vango continues to build on a rich heritage of innovation in camping and caravanning. New for 2020, the Project Hydrogen team has developed the world’s lightest air tent, and a range of complementary lightweight sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and rucksacks, perfect for the most demanding users seeking the ultimate low weight, high-performance kit - Go Light with Vango.

Sleeping well is key to getting the most out of your camping experience. From darker bedrooms to heated sleeping bags and mats, we’ve reviewed every detail and feature connected to a good night’s sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized - Sleep Better with Vango.



Vango Halo Tent, 200, Anthracite
AED 1,538.00
Vango Pillow, Large Square, Black
AED 79.00
Vango Sherpa Rucksack, 65, Coast Blue
AED 698.00
Vango Mirage Tent, 200, Cactus
AED 1,104.00
Vango Pop, 200, River
AED 494.00
Vango Air Vent Rucsac 30+5- Pine
AED 513.00
Vango Chair Kit- 1 Size- Black
AED 173.00
Vango Tempest- 200- Cactus
AED 1,067.00
Vango Pop- 200Ds Tent - River
AED 578.00
Vango Double Flocked Airbed- Nutmeg
AED 185.00
Vango Nevis- 300- Pamir Green
AED 834.00
Vango Bamboo Folding Table- 80 Cm
AED 698.00
Vango Firestarter- 1 Size- Orange
AED 79.00
Vango Bamboo Kids Set- Frog
AED 89.00
Vango Star 85 Lantern- Herbal
AED 89.00
Vango Star 85 Lantern- River
AED 89.00
Vango Pico- Walking Pole- Light Grey
AED 69.00
Vango Inca- Walking Pole- Red
AED 100.00

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