The name Trangia is derived from the village of Trång. John decided to remove the circle above the “a” and then add “in” for “in aluminum”. For decades, the name has been one of the outdoor market’s strongest brands both in Sweden and internationally. Trangia represents long experience, solid competence, and modern design. The Trangia stove has during its 60 years been developed and refined. The Trangia stove is still manufactured in Sweden, in the same village where John E. Jonsson started the business 90 years ago. The proximity of the mountains has made practical tests in harsh weather conditions, a natural part of the business. Details have been modernized and function has been optimized. However, the original, ingenious design is still the key to today’s successful Trangia stove.

Trangia Washer- 2Pcs Rubber Rings
AED 33.00
Trangia Simmering Ring
AED 32.00

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