Around the world, millions of photographers, videographers, content creators, and live streamers are all creating a huge variety of content while doing everything they can to get their work noticed. 

Being seen, heard, and noticed has become increasingly challenging as billions of new creations are shared each day.

At Phottix, we believe that "creators" should spend much less time worrying about or figuring out their gear, and much more time being creative with their gear.

We have challenged ourselves to expand to meet the changing needs of our diverse community of Creators with gear that is adaptable, affordable and ultimately, makes it easier to create whatever it is they need to create. With over 40 patents, numerous awards, and a team of passionate engineers and designers, we offer a range of LEDs, Studio Lights, 

Shoe-Mount Flashes, Softboxes, Light Stands, and Wireless Remotes. 


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