Our mission is to make awesome photography easy, by making tools that get out of the way of being more creative.

We believe photographers can better improve their craft when technology is no longer a mental barrier to feeling, seeing, and expressing. Photography comes from the heart, and behind every magical photograph is a perfect symphony where art and technology become one.

Magmod Magbox 24 Octa Pro Kit
AED 2,529.00
Magmod Basic Kit
AED 464.00
Magmod Magbox 24 Starter Kit
AED 1,592.00
Magmod Magbeam Wildlife Kit
AED 409.00
Magmod Magbeam Kit
AED 406.00
Magmod Starter Flash Kit
AED 374.00
Magmod Magsphere Flash case
AED 263.00
Magmod Magbounce Studio & Lighting
AED 190.00
Magmod Artistic Gels
AED 120.00
Magmod Creative Gels
AED 145.00

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