DIDIS Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of baby and children's products under the LORELLI and BERTONI brands for 20 years. The company employs a team of 150 people and has a warehouse and production base with a total area of ​​over 15,000 m 2 . 

   Our product range includes baby strollers, car seats, high chairs, play and sleeping baskets, wooden beds, mattresses, bedding and accessories, multi-functional toys - everything that is needed to meet the needs and facilitate the daily life of families with children. 

   Every year we create a new collection that distinguishes our products and makes them unique. Our experience helps us ensure the safety and comfort of children and their parents. We work with the largest retail chains in the country and abroad - METRO, KAUFLAND, CARREFOUR, AUSHAN, CORA and many others. 

   Our company has built commercial networks and serves customers and business partners in over 50 countries, some of which are Romania, Hungary, Austria, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, Belarus, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Spain, Italy and many more. 

   Our product portfolio is constantly expanding, both with new developments and updated traditional products. Our team creates each new collection with attention to our little customers, providing them with maximum comfort and fun. 

   The safety of our products is guaranteed, as they are tested according to the requirements of all European standards.

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