Kenluck corporation brings the latest in innovation to the lifestyle space. Their design team is always looking for better ways to do the simplest tasks, thinking about how to bring style and design into some of the most traditional (and often forgotten) categories. 

The Mini Grill (and Buddy Grill) are no exception. The team at Kenluck has taken one of the most basic categories and injected fun, style, and functionality into the BBQ space, which in all honesty has seen little change over the years. 

We particularly love the Mini Grill - small enough to pack into a backpack (or glove box for those long journeys) and you have all the benefits of a portable charcoal grill. Just add charcoal and food and you're off. All the benefits of a full-size grill without the logistical challenges of packing a full-size BBQ.

Functionality aside (everything that you need packs neatly into the case) the design is what caught our eye initially. Who would have guessed that you could make a BBQ look so funky? We're so conditioned, I guess, to expecting what a BBQ should look like that when we see something genuinely different, it makes you think about why some of the more traditional designs are not really fit for purpose.

Kenluck Mini Grill - Lucky Gloss Red
AED 154.00

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