Founded in 1988 by fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur David McCrane, Harbinger swiftly became the brand of choice for weight lifters and strength trainers worldwide. 

It began with an innovative Wrist-Stabilizing Glove. Originally intended to mitigate wrist injuries for skateboarders, McCrane quickly realized the benefit of his product for weight lifters. Teaming up with 8-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder Lee Haney, they pioneered Harbinger as the source for high-quality, carefully engineered gloves, belts and strength training accessories.

Since then, Harbinger has expanded into weight lifting accessories, including wraps, straps, and speed ropes. With proprietary technology and advanced design, Harbinger drives the category and continues to deliver new, innovative products.

Today, Harbinger is part of a 28-year-old organization, Implus LLC. The Implus Fitness & Wellness Division manages category-leading brands renowned for superior quality, innovative design, and heritage. Implus proudly distributes in over 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in over 70 countries worldwide. Plus scale and reach help make Harbinger products broadly available across the United States and internationally.

Harbinger Eco-Fit Mat - Purple
AED 225.00
Harbinger Eco-Fit Mat - Wine
AED 225.00
Harbinger Small Tri-Fold Mat - Black
AED 295.00
Harbinger Rolled Durafoam Mat - Black
AED 149.00
Harbinger Nylon Head Harness - Black
AED 170.00
Harbinger Thin Bar Grips - Grey
AED 99.00
Harbinger Big Grip Bar Grip - Red
AED 145.00
Harbinger Ergofit Bar Pad - Red
AED 125.00
Harbinger Bar Pad 14 inch - Black
AED 105.00
Harbinger Olympic Bar Pad - Black
AED 189.00
Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps - Black
AED 118.00
Harbinger Lifting Grips L/Xl - Black
AED 208.00
Harbinger Lifting Grips M/L - Black
AED 178.00
Harbinger Lifting Grips S/M - Black
AED 170.00
Harbinger Lifting Hooks - Black/Blue
AED 170.00

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