Over the last 20 years, we have travelled to more than 50 destinations. With our mountain bikes or snowboards, always on the search for the best trails and greatest powder runs. We discovered fantastic places and found some amazing downhill runs. But what we couldn’t find was equipment that met our needs. So, we began to develop and produce this equipment according to our personal preferences: top-quality, sophisticated products with useful features.

For many years we have traveled the world looking for perfect trails and powder lines.

We discovered amazing places and found some incredible runs. Finding suitable gear was never easy – the market just didn’t offer the packs and bags we had in mind.

So we started designing and manufacturing gear to meet our needs: High-quality, sophisticated products with sensible features. The idea to establish EVOC was born when more and more other people started asking for our gear.

Evoc Chain Cover - Black
AED 100.00
Evoc Stage 6L + 2L Bladder - Black
AED 630.00
Evoc Stage 6L + 2L Bladder - Sulphur
AED 630.00
Evoc Bike Travel Bag Xl - Olive
AED 2,509.00

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