Making kids smile is our biggest driver and our number one mission as a company. 

Smiles are free and Eolo is here to remind you! 

43 years ago our founder, Rafael Prieto, established Eolo’s First Kite Factory setting the foundation of what Eolo Toys is today. 

We cover a wide range of categories from outdoor toys to novelty, feature plush, and electronic pets. All developed by our world-class design partner Toy Zone.

Hoping you will enjoy our site and looking forward to seeing all around the world soon.

Keep smiling!

AED 53.00
AED 49.00
Eolo Disney Goggles Frozen
AED 21.00
Eolo Disney Goggles Minnie
AED 21.00
Eolo Disney Goggles Princess
AED 21.00
Eolo Marvel Goggles Spiderman
AED 21.00
AED 25.00
AED 24.00

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