When Polly Glasse’s home burned down in 1995, she decided to turn her hobby into a business and create unique skincare products from pure plants and beeswax.  A year later, Polly created the original lotion bar and her new calling was born.

It’s time for us all to turn back to Mother Nature as the pure, essential source of answers to treat what ails us and to balance us with a clean perspective.  We opt to avoid cheap, industrial shortcuts artificially contrived in a lab and instead choose minimally processed solutions straight from the earth that can return responsibly back to the earth.  When you care enough, you do things differently.  Please join us in that journey.

We carefully craft our climbOn products to perform superbly under the most difficult conditions.  It’s a difference you can easily feel.  Just ask the elite endurance athletes that swear by them to get up and down sheer rockfaces. Or ask the thousands of everyday folks that use climbOn products for routine skincare issues. Try them for yourself, and you’ll see, too.

We take your trust very seriously, which is why we are meticulous about climbOn’s safety for your skin, body, children, pets, and planet.  That’s one reason we use food-grade plants and beeswax rather than cosmetic-grade plants or synthetic chemicals.  If you or your pet incidentally ingest a small amount of climbOn from your skin, we stand behind the food-grade safety and quality of every item we’ve made.  Everyone can trust it and use it with confidence.


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