Babyauto Group's main objective is to provide our customers with products that strike a perfect balance between safety and comfort for your children when they travel by car. The most cutting-edge engineering and the most innovative design at the service of your family.

We use Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) technology in our development process, which enables us to ensure that our child safety systems are fully effective in countless models of cars. Our products undergo the most extensive endurance and material deformation tests so that they can withstand front, side, and rear impacts; they must also pass strict controls which ensure that the child is in a perfect position and, of course, that they remain comfortable throughout the whole journey.

These simulation tests allow us to make sure that our products fully adapt to real-life driving conditions, whatever they may be. Because, like you, Babyauto Group knows that the road can be truly dangerous and you can never take too many precautions when it comes to looking after your family.


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