select products.*, moduler.title as brandname, product_price.price as prod_price, product_price.offerprice as prod_offerprice, product_stock.instock from products, moduler, product_price, product_stock where products.publish='y' and moduler.publish='y' and and moduler.mod_name='product brands' and and and product_stock.instock > 0 and product_stock.instock <> 0 and product_stock.product_id=product_price.product_id and IF(product_price.offerprice>0, CAST(product_price.offerprice AS DECIMAL(10,2)), CAST(product_price.price AS DECIMAL(10,2))) between 1 AND 80000 and (products.brand_id in (142) or products.title like '%nuzest%') Group BY order by desc

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